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Parasitic Draw / Short at points

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Hello Honda Twins,
I want to preface my first post with a disclaimer - I'm 18 and the only mechanically inclined one in my family - so troubleshooting this build has only been me, my climber manual, and the internet. Forgive my ignorance.
The previous owner of this bike had cafe racer goals but was a doctor rather than an electrician, meaning the bike has some funky wiring.
That being said, I've gotten the bike to the point where it starts and runs.

So onto the problem at hand:

When I turn the ignition on, immediately there is a ~2.6 amp draw that I've traced to the points. When they touch, there is a draw, when they are not touching, there is *not* a draw (wow, that's how electricity works!). This is what I describe in the video.

Is this problem with the points, wiring, or possibly a rouge ground/short?

I know the easy way out would be to just be to install electronic points ignition, but I admit to slight doomsday prepper leanings and in the event of an EMP, I'd rather have a working bike. Sorry :/

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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When a set of points are closed and the ignition is on, they complete a circuit to the coil. If left on too long, you will burn the coil up.
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