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It only took a short ride to convince me I wanted one of these. Took $1000 and 7 hour road trip but I got it.


Owner even had a receipt for fixing a sticking front brake and rebuilding and syncing the carbs. Only problems I've found so far are that the turn signals don't flash (PO told me about this up front), the front brake doesn't release, and when backing off the throttle the rpm hangs up around 3K then eases down to around 1500. We did speak briefly about the possibility of him needing a new mechanic.

And it came with a parts bike which has a nearly new pair of tires, a spare rack of carbs, a spare radiator, and a bucket full of other stuff.


Now I can get rid of that Yamaha with all those carburetors and still have something to ride while I continue to tinker with the 400.


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