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The following are parts I have available. They are new and in original Honda packaging. I have multiples of some but Ive gotta go and see what ones. Will let ya know if you are needing more than 1 of something ASAP.But this'll get ya an idea..

Honda OEM
18391-317-000 Exh. Muffler Gskt. (18392-MK4-000)

90006-MA2-000 Screw,Screen Setting

44830-165-405 Tach Cable

93891-04012-07 Screw-washer 4X12mm

50619-425-010 Stopper,Stp. Rubber

37243-323-000 Collar, Inst. Setting

90104-430-000 Bolt Frt. Case Cover

43520-422-305 Br. Master Cyl. Set

64109-MA2-000 Cap,Scr. Screw

64513-MA2-000 Plate,W/S

90007-MA2-000 Collar,Scr. Setting

51490-MB9-782 Frt. Fork Seal Set

33460-MN5-11 T/S Sub Assy LH Frt.

16997-273-006 Gasket, Petcock

08170- MN5-11 Saddle Bag Marker Light

22870-286-010 Clutch Cable ( 22870-379-000)

44830-KB4-700 Speedo Cable

DS 280821 Saddlebag Side Lights. Fit 88-95 GL1500. (BUT could work on about anything really. I have 2 NIB nice!)

USED-1977 CB750K owners manual (good condition)

Kawasaki OEM
K16930-014 (These are Carb kits, new and unopened for KZ 900-1000. I have 2 of them)

Yamaha OEM
4ES-25448-00 Rr. Sprocket (Chrome Plated) Fits 93-01 YZ80 (48T-428)

And..finally…HCSHIM01 HOTCO Complete Valve Shim Kit . 1.20mm-3.50mm

(2 BRAND NEW Valve shim kits in plastic carry case from Hotcams Corp) ... ductid=508

Make offer on anyhting ya see. Ill sell cheap!! ;)
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