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Original Honda Engine Paint

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So, I've got the engine out of my bike to swap heads and I'm thinking it would be a good time to give her a bit of cosmetic help - i.e. repainting. What have people used to get close to the stock honda 'aluminum' color that is painted on the cases?

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Regular ol' Duplicolor Engine Enamel (aluminim color) comes pretty close - available at any auto part store.
If the engine is in pieces, you can even bake them (as directed on the can), and get a real nice, durable look,
Here's what it looks like - decide for yourself
Chris Garrett said:
Hey Bill,
I would like to do my lower case in the silver and the cylinder heads in black. Could you outline the prep work that you did? I know you told me once, but if you could write it out, I would appreciate it very much. You know the condition of my engine now. Thanks. I hope you don't mind.

Chris -

I first cleaned everything in parts cleaner as well as I could do it. I got a 5-gallon can of the stuff from an auto part store and worked on the pieces for quite a while actually.
Then, if any of the pieces had that factory varnish crap on them (like clutch cover, etc.) I sprayed them with aircraft paint remover, also from the auto part store.
Washed several times with soap/water. Blow dry with the air compressor.
Then two good rinses with straight acetone, sprayed with self-etching primer, then the paint itself.
Baked the pieces at 200 degrees for about an hour, in the kitchen oven.

If you're going to do this Chris, now is the time, as I have your cases split and everything torn down. The machinist should have your head done in a short while. And you're right, the engine is sort of an oily, grungy mess........
Not sure what you plan to do about the cam bearings and tappet covers, etc.. Polishing??

With the engine all together, I'm not sure you could get things clean enough for the paint to adhere properly - that is, without getting water or solvents into the engine through the myriad of large and small openings.

Just let me know what sort of plan you decide on - I won't put anything back together for now.
I suppose I could be talked into doing it for you, but I'd have to charge you for it, as it's a lengthy process and I'd have to buy all the chemicals and parts solvent and paint.
Though I'm still not gonna charge you for the rebuild......
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Bird76Mojo said:
tbpmusic said:
Though I'm still not gonna charge you for the rebuild......
:shock: WOW! That's AWESOME! Now, lets ALL send our engines to Bill!!! ;)

P.S. My engine might actually have a chance in hell that way..

GB :mrgreen:

Well, that was just a special deal for my buddy Chris.......

No offense intended to everybody else. But my shop rates are way more reasonable then you'll find most anywhere else.
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