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original electric start cl450

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got a 73 cl450 and got the wiring done all up now but when i hit the electric start i hear the starter wind up but nothing really happens, any ideas. i havent opened it up at all to check for the chain or belt being there or not being there, but i thought that you guys might be a little bit helpful before i do. what should i be looking for???


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Sounds like a bad or "stuck" starter clutch....... I can go step by step, but a manual will help you too.... You will be draining some/the oil, and removing the main left front cover over the alternator....

Bill's fiche should be helpful.....
You'll also be needing an alternator puller-bolt (a 16mm JIS metric) but an old 350 rear axle will work fine..... Explaination when you get there..... DO NOT use a "jawed" puller!!!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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