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Oregon Vintage Motorcyclists is holding their Mid-size, Mid-valley Motorcycle Rally.

From OVM:

"September 18, Saturday: Mid-Size Mid-Valley Motorcycle Rally: If it rains, the ride is cancelled. Designed for mid-size motorcycles, 250-500cc. 70 miles. Lunch after the ride at Rockin’ Rogers. Meet at Park & Ride, west of I-5 exit 248 (Turner/Sunnyside/Delaney Rd), Salem, OR. Ride leaves at 11:00am."

I didn't think it was Kosher to post the organizer's email or phone number here, but you can go to their site for that information. I've had lunch with these guys and they're a very welcoming bunch. I was told that this is not a member's only event (they only have two of those a year). The bunch I met were on everything from an old SL175 (The club pres' ride) to an old BMW airhead and what looked to be about a forty something Harley.

I'm going to try my best to make it, but you never know how far these 360s will go before they....well....stop.
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