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Hello... Just finishing my bottom end rebuild and realized that my gasket and oil seal kit did not come with the 3 oil filter o-rings only the piston o-rings, I'm not sure of a good place to get these in Canada so I was going to order from the they were $30 from Honda here... but only 3.50 for 2 of each from the oringstore... The shipping from the US however is 11.50

So i thought i'd order the oil plug and oil dipstick O-rings while im at it, but cannot find the correct size for them? as for the 3 oil filter sizes i found

15489-283-010 2mm X 63mm Metric Buna-N 70 O-ring

91312-PC6-003 2.4mm X 57.6mm Metric Buna-N 70 O-ring

91309-286-000 2mm X 41mm Metric Buna-N 70 O-ring

Of course if you know a Canadian place to get them that helps too

EDIT : I have found the o-ring sizes to be

Oil dipstick = 37.2mm x 2.3mm (37mm x2.4mm acceptable)

Oil drain plug = 33.5mm x 3mm

Neither of these sizes are listed on the so i will call them tomorrow when they are open or look else where
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