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Oil leak, points cover

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Hello all,

I have been riding the wheels off of my 350. Man I love that bike! Any way I may of mentioned that I had a pretty severe oil leak inside the points cover. I finally got around to fixing it Sunday. I didn't take pictures unfortunately. When I pulled the points and advancer unit out the cam seal was bone dry. The oil was coming from around the four screws that hold the points box to the head. So I pulled the points box and the gasket that goes between the two appeared to be the culpret. The gasket has a little hole in one side approximately a 1/4 in that I thought should get lined up with the oil supply in the head. Appearently this is an incorrect assumption. as this is where the oil was coming from. When I flipped the gasket around the little hole lined up with a relief cut into the head that as far as I could tell was just a relief. Oil still gets to the cam bearing and almost as important assembled like this it does not leak oil.

So If anyone has to install this gasket and like me didn't look to closely at how it came off. I would say put the little hole towards the front of the engine. Unfortunatly I now have to pull the other side appart to make for sure I installed that one correctly. Unless one of the Bill's can tell me how the right side cam bearing is oiled. I'm worried that I might be starving that side for oil. I thought it came up from the inside of the head though. I can't remember.

Eric / Novafrk
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Eric -

As I recall, both the gaskets are identical.
I do believe those holes should be lined up - no Honda manual mentions this specifically, but I recall we always lined them up.
A judicious use of silicon was our friend on these gaskets - none close enough to that (or any) oil hole to get squeezed into it, but enough around the perimeter of the gasket to prevent leakage.
Silicon will also allow re-use of the gaskets almost indefinitely (except for the haed gasket, which should always be replaced as SOP).

I was personally never afraid of silicon, but I was (and still am) careful in its use. I have seen the results of using too much, and it can be disastrous.
Some guys swear that it's from the Devil - but I think it's benefits make it worthwhile.
Back in The Day, people used to use that horrible black/brown Permatex stuff that turns to epoxy once it gets hot - almost impossible to get the old gaskets off......
Many times you would spend all day scraping off old gaskets, and lose your shorts on a job that only paid two hours Flat Rate.
That's the way Honda used to work it - every imaginable task was outlined in the Flat Rate Manual, and was assigned a number of hours that Honda thought was appropriate. You multiplied the Flat Rate hours by the shop rate, that's what was charged. The mechanic usually got half, so you didn't want to have to screw around scraping gaskets for hours.
So we loved silicon, gaskets came right off.

Enough rambling - if someone has better knowledge of these particular gaskets on a 350, please illuminate us all.
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I checked the parts manual and the gaskets are indeed identical, same part number. Maybe the little hole is there for the right side. Like I said there is no oil port that goes into the points box and the way the head is cut you get plenty of oil flow to the cam bearing. It's not leaking and it doesn't make any bad noises so... I guess it's good. I'll pull the right side here in a few when it gets too cold to ride, (for the gear that I have) and I'll double check it.

On a related note, the right hand exhaust valve is at the limit of it's adjustment and still clatters a bit. Which parts were known to wear out? The shaft, the rocker or the head? I'd like to get the parts on hand just in case.

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