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Oil leak on left side

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After a ride this evening I got off the bike to put it in the garage and there was oil all over the left side of the bike. Starting at around the footpeg area. There was quite a bit of oil and it is still dripping some even after I stopped the engine. I did just change the oil and got it a little over the full mark. I am suspecting the shift shaft seal and maybe the clutch rod seal. Seems like alot of oil though. I got a little nervous when I saw the very shiny and oil soaked tire. The level didnt go below the low mark so I didnt do any damage to the engine but I am thinking that one or both of those seals blew out. Could it have been from the high oil level? The bike is a 1972 CB450.
Don Slicker
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I had the same problem a while ago and it turned out to be the clutch push rod seal that had poped out of the engine housing. I cleaned up the area with a little gasoline and returned the seal to the housing with a little nutral cure silicon sealent round the outside and have had no trouble since. Allan
Take the sprocket cover off and check all 3 seals... Doesn't that year have the countershaft oiler?... Check that as well.....
Well, I couldnt eat my dinner fast enough so that I could get out there find out why my baby was bleeding. The cluch push rod seal did pop out. I think I will just go ahead and replace all three seals before this season. This is going to be my "vintage rider" this year more than the others. Do you think that the over filling had anything to do with this?
Don Slicker
I forgot to ask about the countershaft oiler. I am not sure what to be looking for.
Don Slicker
Have a looksy at this online fiche Don. It'll give you an idea on what to look for. Look at the sprocket shaft. ... E++14.html

GB :mrgreen:
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