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Now Is the Time on Sprockets Vhen Ve Dance!

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Hi, Guys. A few of the spokes on my '71 CB350 K3's rear wheel had "pulled through" the rim. Rather than buying a brand new wheel and trying to lace it up, I hopped onto good ol' eBay and bought a gently used rear wheel assembly off of a CB360 (which, I believe, is a direct replacement for the CB350's rear wheel).

The "new" wheel assembly includes the rear drive sprocket. However, the sprocket for the CB360 is a bit different than the CB350's. Most notably, the "new" wheel's sprocket has 34 teeth compared to the 36 that come stock on the CB350. (Check out pictures of the wheel in question here and here.)

I'd like some opinions from the experts...

1. Do I have to change the sprocket, or can I run the CB360's 34T on my CB350?

2. Even if it's possible, should I run a 34T on my CB350? I'm not very good with the gear ratio math, but if I understand correctly, this would reduce my final drive ratio from 2.11 to 2.00, which would give me a little more speed but reduce power a bit. I'm not a racer at all... more of a "putt along on the back roads" kind of rider. Would such a change affect me much?

Thanks, everyone. I appreciate your input!
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It would be almost the same as putting a 17-tooth counter sprocket (stock is 16 I think) on your original 36 tooth wheel.
It would cut down some of the "buzz" you get on a 350 by reducing rpm at a given speed.
If your engine has the guts, you could go faster as well.
This is something a lot of 450 guys do, just for comfort.

So, your decision.
You can change rear sprockets, leave it as is, whatever......

incidentally, I remember the Sprockets dancing well - good stuff.
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