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So a comment from another website introduced me to the subject product: A reproduction (new) Norda CB360 wiring harness sold by Dime City Cycles. It retails for around $145.

Cable Wire Electrical wiring Technology Auto part

For some reason, this product was VERY delayed in arrival: It was ordered the first week of December, but it didn't come in till yesterday. I wonder if they are "made to order" and they wait for some demand before making a batch.

Additionally, I did some searches online and I didn't see any manufacturer info or other websites that sell these...

Anyway, at first glance, the fit and finish looks really good. All connectors are brand new, and the harness itself is very flexible, unlike the aged 1970's one which crackles and pops as you bend it. Wire length was comparable to the original style and it looks like the old wire colors are reproduced to an almost 100% match.

My disappointment came when I was doing a 1:1 comparison of each connection with my old harness.
  • 2 of the pin connection plugs were wired up incorrectly
  • One instance of a male type plug interfacing with a male type plug
  • 2 cases where the molded shape of the female pin-type connector didn't match the male connector (and vise versa).

Good idea in theory, but QC leaves a bit to be desired. As a result, this harness is NOT plug and play. I am going to have to pop out some of these pins and I will recycle some of the plastic plugs from my old harness so it is a snug connection.

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