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No power?!

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Help! Out of nowhere I am getting NO power to my bike (1979 Honda CM185). I'm not electronically or mechanically inclined, but I've learned a lot over the last few years with the bike, so bare with me. It happened yesterday after work, I was able to run and jump start it once, was able to get it home. Tried for a half hour again today but can't get it going again. Completely dead.

I have tested the battery... it is good and holding a charge no problem. Checked the fuse, it was blown (cap fell right off), so figured that was it and replaced it... Well, actually, I couldn't find a 20A fuse that fit in the original fuse holder since I have a 6 volt system, so I wired in a new fuse holder and am using a 20A fuse rated for up to 32 volts.

Anyways, replaced the fuse and reconnected the battery, STILL NOTHING. So I'm wondering where to look next. Ignition switch? Is that a big job or fairly easy? My dad is coming into the city this weekend and has electrical knowledge and will probably bring a current tester so we can check where the issue is. Am I on the right track? Or could it be something more complicated?

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Get a correct wiring diagram, make sure the battery is fully charged.

Be methodical.

Have any of the lights seemed to "flash" on and off when on when the handle bars are turned lock to lock ?
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