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I'm sharing this post to help others and...well, I'm excited too! I just picked up a '73 CB 175 this week. Really needed it like I need another hole in my head since I have a '03 750, but I had just finished a '74 CT 70 and wanted another project. I love the bike, but I inherited a ton of electrical issues with this bike.

We had intermittent lights on 1st key position. The night I looked at the bike, all lights appeared to work but that soon changed. All the lights were only working intermittently if at all and it seemed like there was a short somewhere. After some testing, we decided the key switch is bad and was only working on 2nd key position. Still there was no tail light in 2nd key position.

After a lot of troubleshooting, I was looking in the headlight bucket today and found a HOT Brown female connector. Upon closer inspection, the PO had plugged the Brown bullet connector into a bundle of three Brown/White wires. I reconnected the Brown and now there is a solid tail light in key position 2!

I know this might seem petty to the experts on here, but hopefully it will help others who might be having these issues. Key point is examine the color of your wires closely.
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