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No fuel in bowl

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Hi. This is my first post. I am trying to restore a cm 250c 1982 Honda. Cleaned all the jets and carb but seems like the fuel is not going to the bowl. Took the carb off and tried blowing on the gas fitting but plugged. Is theren a way to unplug it ? tryed using carb cleaner to blast it open buy just sprayed back . Or is it something i am missing. I am a newbie so i am just learning.... Thank you.:confused:
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Yes i have one of those iv tanks because no tank on bike yet. But unhooked the gas line from the little tank and fuel comes out. When it was hooked to the carb i loosened the bowl drain all the way and no fuel.....Thanks for your reply !
Okay i will try that. do you think the float is sticking in the closed position ...... Thank you so much !
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