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ive spent a couple hrs going through numerous thread in the hope id find an account of where and how to cut the tail of a cb450sc to replace with a brat style seat.
Is there anybody out there that can share a detailed account of how they did it and what measurements might be?
Probably asking a lot....but just putting it out there in hope!
new to the thread and my bike......i just dont want to cut the wrong piece or order some crap from ebay to discover it wont work...


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i did the problem is i can't see some images on the ones i found for the CB450 sc projects instead of the image it shows some update photbucket thing?
some projects i can see images and others i get this instead
Photo Bucket change from a free storage service to a pay to play that only allows third party links if you pay. Result is there are now numerous invalid photo links on every forum in the world.
This is why I store all of my photos on my computer. When I bought this new one with Win10 it tried to upload everything into the cloud storage. Then it informed me I was close to hitting their maximum gig limit and suggested I buy more on a per month basis.
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