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CB77, 1966
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There's a new video on YouTube about the CB77/72 bikes. It's not as well researched as it might be but it does make clear how much of a leap forward these bikes were at the time.

He's correct about how the Superhawk performs much better than the British 500s and is at least an even match for the Bonneville. I have personal experience with that. He confuses the CL77 with a modified CB77 and is unaware of how the compression ratio was dropped from 9.something:1 to 8:1 in its second year of production to improve reliability. This change also allowed it to run on regular grade gasoline, and that was Honda's recommendation in the 60s and 70s in Canada. I don't remember what the octane rating for regular was back then or if was even posted on the pump. I expect that 87 AKI will work when I get mine on the road later this summer.
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