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I bought one of these because I'm looking for something lighter than my full face for this Summer, they're on a good sale at Revzilla right now, they have great reviews and I like the unusual design. Quite a few reviews I found mentioned that they tend to size small and some people mentioned having to exchange theirs for one size up because they felt too snug. I wanted one for this Summer when it gets hot, but also to have a second helmet to take the kids for a ride, so I was shooting to get something on the smallish side so it fits the kids as well as me (they're 13 - tiny girl - and 15 - smallish boy - both kids are kind of on the small side). Since I usually wear a large and they apparently seemed to size small I figured I'd order a large because it apparently would be smaller than my current helmet and fit the kids OK, and medium might be too small for me (probably OK for the kids but I'd be the primary user, right now it feels tight on my huge ears when I put it on).

Shipping was crazy fast: ordered Monday morning, and I received it today (Tuesday). I was at work when the package came and my daughter was excited so she opened the package before I got home. I really like the helmet a lot, but to me it actually seems to be sizing slightly large! What are the odds... It fits a tad loose over my head (nothing horrible, I tighten the strap to the max and it's OK), it fits looser on the kids' heads... I don't think it's too large as in being unsafe, but a medium would probably be better...

So, I'm kind of inclined to return it and exchange it for a medium size. Problem is: my daughter didn't think I guess when she opened the package, she did text me to ask if she could, I said "yes but don't remove any stickers", maybe my choice of words was poor and not specific enough; anyway, she took the visor film off and she also cut off the little plastic link to the tag (or maybe her brother cut the tag, not sure)... I put the visor film back on pretty well, but the tag I can't reattach of course. Not sure if Revzilla will accept it for a full return/exchange or not, I emailed them to explain the situation candidly and see what they say.

So I have two questions: 1) how can I tell it's too big to be safe for the kids? If it's possible to get it off even with the strap fully tightened? It shifts a little back and forth and sideways if I push it around on their heads, but nothing horrible; haven't tried to remove it forcibly with the strap on though :-D 2) If it is indeed a tad too big, isn't it possible to get padded inserts to make it fit better? Frankly I almost feel it could use a little bit more padding anyway (I'm used to my HJC full face, it fits pretty snuggly and the padding is really nice :-D) and that might solve the problem. Plus I like the colors I got it in (light concrete/aquamarine) and they don't have it anymore in medium, so I kind of want to keep that one if I can...

Thanks in advance for the advice, I'm not super-experienced at helmets purchase (clearly)...
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