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sorry put this in wrong thread so here it is again.

Hi all I'm a newbie to this forum live on the Coast in England.

Just added the above to my small stable of bikes. It's an 82 model that was imported to England fifteen years ago.

Its fairly reasonable miler with 21k on the clock but I am having a problem with it. Have looked at many thread but yet to find the answer already listed.

It starts on the button and ticks over fine, and is OK at low revs and will cruise at 60 ok. Problem is it will not rev properly at mid range and I've not even dared try full throttle as it clearly does not want to go there at mid range. Just seems to hold back. Checked Air Cleaner and let out some fluid from breather pipes and mopped up some oil in box, but still same.

Probably a lot of possible causes, timing issue? Carbs not synched, Cam chain tensioner not doing its job or chain on its way out. I know the bike used to have great acceleration in the past. Wiull check the plugs tomorrow as 3.30am here.
Any thoughts? - Thanks Stu

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Welcome to the group. If you would add your location to your profile it could be helpful in getting information and help to you. Heres a link to info for new members.


It sounds to me like you have a fuel/carburetion problem. Cam chain isn't likely to cause this type problem but it probably still needs adjusting. These engines also have a balancer chain that needs adjusting. If you do a search on this forum you can find a link to a service manual that will tell you how.

There are a lot of threads about checking out the fuel / carb issues, I think you'll be able to find enough to get you started.

Oh yeah, we really like pictures.
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