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Just a quick post to say hello. I'm a relatively new biker as only did my CBT less than 2 years ago. The reason I did my CBT was I was travelling to Vietnam and the only way to really travel their is by motorcycle so I thought I better learn how to ride! The short version of the story is that I did my CBT in December 2015 and loved it. Bought a Suzuki VL125 Intruder 3 days later. Did 3000 miles before buying a Honda Win 110 in Vietnam and riding all the way across the country from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi. Did my full test in July last year, and 3 days later bought a Suzuki Vstrom DL650 that I love.

I recently decided that I wanted a project bike to keep me entertained over winter. The plan being to build a street tracker-ish type bike. A couple of weeks ago I bought a Honda CD250U a couple of months out of MOT and looking quite tired. Here's what it looked like when I got it.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive exterior

2 weeks and 9 hours work later I've got it pretty well stripped down as you can see

Vehicle Bumper Table Automotive exterior Auto part

I'm sure I'll be posting lots of silly newbie questions soon :)


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