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Hi there everyone.
Thanks for the Add
My name is Stuart Lind.
I live in Northern Mozambique in a small port town called Nacala.
I have recently purchased a small CD200 Roadmaster from around 1979. Not too sure as I cannot see the date of manufacture on the bike. I am doing a complete rebuild of the bike as it has been completely Mozambicanized by local mechanics using either the wrong tools or some makeshift tools. I will be asking a lot of questions and looking for resources on the site so that I may get this machine back up and running to its former glory and possibly better than when released from the factory.
I have already stripped the motor and found a whole host of issues which will need to be addressed during the rebuild.
Anyhow. Thanks for letting me join the forum and look forward to meeting some of you online.
I have attached a photo of the bike below. as you can see that she is a non-runner, Chain and sprockets are toast. she is also extremely dirty and needs a good clean up.
Stuart Lind.

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