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Newbie here. Working on a 73 CL350

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Just wanted to say Hello to everyone and Im really digging this site. I wish I wouldve found it about three months ago, but anyway Im new to the bike scene and I love some old vintage rides. Im not knocking new bikes but its cool to see something thats different. So check out some pics of my 73 CL350 and I will keep everything posted that I plan on doing. This weekend im going to bend, cut and rethread my mirrors so I can retain that vintage look but with a lower profile. We will see how that turns out. ;)


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Nice looking bike. Clean too. The limp sausage tail light looks good. I almost put one on my 500, but went with the Lucas. Curious to see what you do with the mirrors.
Hi from Germany,

wow to your nice bike.

sweet ride,

i've got a 72.

Do you like the position the clubmans end up giving you?
I love the stance that it gives the bike and its actually pretty comfortable, for a 35 yr old :) I also fabricated a solo seat that will give me an even more aggressive stance when its all said and done. If you are considering the clubmans shoot me a pm for some tips.
I'm not sure what to do.

I've got the CL350 and the 500. The 350 is a little too nice to do anything to.

I think i'm going to cafe the 500, but i would like to use clip-ons.

we'll see how things shake out.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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