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Newbie from C-bus OH

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Just posted pictures of my '74 CB360 in the project section, but figured I'd introduce myself here.

I'm Matt from Columbus OH. Picked up a 1974 CB360 for $450 last week with 8K original miles. Loving it so far. Here's a few pix.


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I just said hi to you in the project section but I figured I'd say hi again here :lol:

I didnt know the '74 360's came in red...thought that was a later thing with the 'T' models...but I'm probably wrong :roll:

Gee...I dont know if I like that seat job...I realise that the other pan was stuffed...but gee...I guess you could always iron your work shirts on it when you swap it out :lol:

Wecome to the HondaTwins 12 step self-help program...were ignoring witicisms and banter is step one :lol:
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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