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New... Used part supply... 450 K4

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While I was scrounging at the shop today for the odd parts I promised to several members, .... A guy stopped by and asked if I wanted a "free" bike (just to get it out of his backyard).... I am now the proud owner of another DOHC 450....A K4..... It's rough, but a lot of good parts.......ANYBODY need some?...... I gotta scrape up enough to finish the 90 and the "Vintage-look 175" before May........ :D :D :D :D :D :D Steve
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Beat me to it Mike - I was going to ask for the battery cover too.

How about a shift drum and forks??
66Sprint said:
Bill, I should be able to fit the entire trans, drum, forks and all in a "flat-rate" priority mail box (about $10 shipping cost)..... You'll get the bat cover IF it has one, and Mike can have the gas cap if it's nice.... I really haven't had time to do anything but unload it at the shop.... Haven't even tried to kick it through....LOL.... I'm keeping the points plate, advance,and the carbs.... but the cams, rockers, etc.. are up for grabs if they are good..... Pretty much everything can go for a "token" payment plus shipping.... I'll list the good stuff tomorrow.......Steve
Steve -

You don't want a PayPal, do you??
We were talking about a 350 triple clamp too - I'll be glad to get you some cash however you want.
Flugtechnik said:
I'm still in need of some side cover posts and the removable CL exhaust tip.
I may have one side cover post.
I'll try to check over the next few days - it may take a while to find, I'm back on The Road over the next few weeks (New Mexico, mainly).
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