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Hey everyone! My name is John and im from the heartland of America. Omaha, Nebraska.

I currently am working on a 1971 cb350 and am loving every min of it!!

I came across my bike online and thought why the heck not, lets give it a try!

I drove 45 miles to pick it up not knowing how to even turn a bike on let alone get it off the kickstand haha.

We got it home and i instantly got to work on it by researching it day and night doing it the right way the first time.

It started with a terrible idle problem that was fixed by a good clean of the carbs and a lot of tinkering. next came to with replacing things as needed.

Handlebars have completely been redone.
Carbs rebuilt,
95% new cables.
new straight pipes due to old muffles being worn and rusted.


Im currently at the point of a new seat mod with so many questions on what i can do with the frame and what can be done.

Also working on lights still with the turn signals still giving me trouble with wiring and where to even place them on the bike.

Im so excited that im now in the home stretch and cant wait to see how this lil hog turns out for my first but not last build!

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Sounds like you've learned quite a bit with this bike, everyone likes that.
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