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Hello all,
New member/rider here and had a question about the CB500f and thought I would get some advice from the experienced riders. I am sure it has been asked before but cannot find the related threads.

I am kind of new to biking and just finished MSF course this weekend. Was wondering what do you think of CB500F ABS as a beginner bike. I am 5'7, 170 pounds. Basically, i am getting bike to learn how to ride/will be mostly weekend .. so that when I travel, I am equipped and can tour the countries in a motorcycle (long term goal) :).

I checked out Yamaha R3 and Ninja however, didn't like the stance how you sit on it and the handlebars. I "think" I kind of prefer more upright seating (looked at various videos on youtube) and "horizontal" handlebars and thought cb500f would be a good bike.

Also, I found a used 2013 CB500f ABS for $3500, has 17,XXX miles. Is that a good price?

Thanks for reading this and hopefully you will help me out with any suggestions.
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