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I've just replaced, or rather I had almost replaced, my rectifier with a Kohler combined rectifier/regulator ([41 403 10-S] FOR KOHLER Rectifier Regulator 41 403 09-S 25 403 03-S CH1000). Originally the bike had only a rectifier.

Having rigged up a mounting bracket I wanted to be sure none of the terminals were connected by the bracket and that the unit was grounded, so I tested for continuity between each terminal. Ground was OK, but the other results have me baffled.

Between one AC and the +ve I have continuity in both directions. Resistance is 0 ohms in both directions. Diode test gives 0.001V and 0.001V

Between the other AC and +ve, I have no continuity either way. Resistance is 5M Ohms in one direction and Open in the other. Diode test gives OL in both directions.

Between the 2 AC terminals, I get no continuity either way. OL in one direction and 5M Ohms in the other. With the diode test I get OL in both directions.

Can someone please interpret the above and advise whether my new unit is OK or U/S?

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