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Hello i just joined hondatwins today and i am so happy that there are so many people with the same passion as me for my bike.
I have been working on my 68 cb450 for about 3 years and im just getting to the finishing up part. i found this site while looking for a fix for my coils. i found my bike from someone who bought out a closed dealership. i picked it up for 200 with title second owner with just over 5000 on it. Ive done a lot of work to her. cut the frame in half stretched it 8 inches and lowered it 4. the front end is off a 84 Magna for the dual brakes.
i tried keeping as much original parts like the headlight battery box mirrors bars the tank is an intruder tank dished in. the most interesting part on my bike is the hydrolic drum brake my other project starting soon is a 72 350 four cylinder that is going to be a racer.
Ive got my chopper so now i want something comfy for the long roads. obviously Ive chopped a lot of the bike so i still have original parts that i didn't destroy so if your looking for something just ask thank you happy to be here


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