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Hey All!

I'm new to this forum...and new to the Honda CB175..and new to owning a bike! Yup, my first bike is a project! And i don't have my licence yet! Crazy.

The bike was a garage find and it was last registered in '93. Its has 7000 miles and the engine is super clean. I picked it up from a master marine engine builder who restores Honda's as a hobby (he's restored over 20 and had a couple of restored early Honda Dreams in his barn/garage). He was cleaning out his growing inventory of projects and thought this was a great starter for me as I'm a designer who is handy with turning tools.


My goal is to strip it down the frame, add a hoop and powder coat it. I plan to go in a scrambler direction as I rebuild it. There are some items I'm unsure of at this junction: length of rear shocks, what to do with rust (ie do I restore wheel rims and powder coat or replace due to the rust), what electronics to update/replace, front fork swap to get disc? and much more I'm sure.


I look forward to going through these pages to get lots of info! So far I've made my first error.. ordered tires that are despite being the same size marked on the tires.. are likely too wide for the forks! lol.. This is going to be fun!

Thanks in advance for any advice along the way!

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