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hello , new here im from orting wa. I sometimes enjoy working on the bikes and sometimes I do it for reasons unbeknowings to me! this is my second cb360 bike (3rd motor) . most of the projects ive done start out with intentions of low budget low cost and it usually goes up from there. the project im currently working on is a 1970 cb360. ive abandoned the original motor I assumed the transmission was bad and replaced it with a motor off of c-list it was a cb 500t that did fit once I cut away the old mounts and with a bed frame from a free pile my neighbor put out by the road I cut out and welded in mounts for the 500t . on top of that I needed to raise the seat and tank an inch and a half but its in there . im currently waiting on a new set of points from ebay. im missing the fenders headlight and one of the blinker mounts and maybe a few other things. hoping to be on the road shortly. when I brought this bike home almost everything was rusted tight exept the steering .
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