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Greetings, Folks.

New to the twin forum... not so new to vintage Hondas. My first Honda was a 1974 CB200 pulled out of a barn in Kansas for $200 and turned out to be a great bike. I took this bike down to the bare frame and throughly cleaned, polished and fixed every issue. All the work was done in the bedroom of my college apartment.

I since fell completely in love with the sohc four cylinder Hondas once I got my first CB350F. after I regretfully sold my '72 350F a week before moving home after college graduation, I was quickly on the hunt for another one. long story short, found three more of these 350Fs since college graduation.

I haven't completely forgotten about the Honda twins... because after seeing the one year only CL200 come up for sale on Craigslist, I had to have one. This will hopefully be a fun winter project for me this year. This CL is in pretty good shape and still wears its original tires and factory equipment. The end goal is to have something very mechanically sound and reliable by springtime 2018 or sooner. I plan on preserving it's originality completely. The only real bummer about this CL200 is the beat up ignition switch (missing the key and appears to have been started with a screwdriver for a few years) and it's missing the seat latch/lock. The other issue is the kickstart... or lack thereof. I'll have to dig into the service manual when it arrives. The kickstart doesn't turn the engine over, it just moves freely. The clutch adjustment seems ok, but I haven't looked into the issue past that... picked her up last friday!


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