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New member just trying to catch up with you guys

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I followed you over from the MSN site which I found quite informative. I only JUST found the MSN site today so I've been chasing you down. I think this is where I need to be.
I have a CB450 Black Bomber. I "think" it's a 1965 but just not quite sure and it's driving me nuts to find out. Engine number is 1004970 and frame number 1006660. Is there any way of telling what year it is from these numbers? I was reading on a previous thread at MSN but you were discussing a CL model I believe.
I also have a 1966 Honda white 305 Dream as well as some vintage british bikes and a small herd of 1980 Passports.
Any help is appreciated.

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Welcome - we have a Bomber dood from the UK as a member here, he'll show up in this thread soon, hopefully.
As far as I know, there is no definitive "list" or any way to tell exactly what year a Bomber was born. Your serial number is fairly low, so all we can be certain of is that it's probably from early in the production run.
Honda classifies all sales/production numbers as proprietary info, which they absolutely will not release to anyone, even on models this old.
Wow, they have names??

I just call mine "POS" usually........
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