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I guess I was supposed to introduce myself before submitting a first post...oops! Apologies!

Anyway, Greg here. I'm a little NE of Sacramento, California. I've been mostly focused on building cars / trucks (51 Chevy 3100 p/u, 63 Chevy C10 p/u, 54 GMC 100 p/u, 64 Triumph TR-4) but was somehow convinced to buy derelict 1974 CB125s by my youngest son to restore/mod. We spent a year or so doing it, figuring things out as we went along. Over the course of the project, both he and his older brother developed some wrenching, welding, 3D printing, powder coating and painting skills and we had a blast doing it. We're apparently hooked as we're currently finishing a 1975 CB200T, have a 1974 CB360 on deck and are on the lookout for a CB500. Here are some photos of what we've been doing. I promise my garage doesn't always look like this. Sometimes it looks worse...

Here's the 125 as we brought it home

and how it ended up


It now lives on the beach in Southern California


Here's the 200 as we brought it home



some in progress photos of the 200



and the next one in line as brought home


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