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Hi all,

My name is Dean and I am a new poster on this forum - I have been a member for a few years, but haven’t had the need to post, primarily because I spend most of my time reading other people’s threads.

I have owned various bikes over the last few years, my last one (and the reason for joining the forum in the first place) was a 1980 Honda CD200 Benly which I resurrected and turned into a cafe racer. It was a really fun project, but I had to sell it due to moving house. I also had a couple of Kawasaki’s which I had to sell too.

Now I have some more space, I have purchased a 1977 Honda CB400T Dream, although it has a CB250T frame. This a project for me to work on in my free time, with the intention of customising it into a scrambler. There is one main issue with it at the moment (dreaded intermittent spark issue) which I am trying to resolve, and have recently posted about this in the Electrical Section. Other than that, it seems to be a really decent bike.

Anyway, just thought I should say hello (finally).

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