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Hi everyone
the name is Soeren
happy to finally be a part of the twin forum, i am a relatively new rider, and have little wrenching experience with motorcycles.
My dad got me into motorcycles when i was little, so i got my license and earlier this year i bought myself a CB400NA Superdream that had run 36k for 5500 DKK roughly 879 USD.
It has been standing still in a carport for 9 year, and had only been ridden 1000km by the second owner.
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When my dad and I got to see it with our own eyes it became apparent that it was panted black (the original paint on the bike was red and one of the side panels were blue) it was not as great as i had hoped.
Of cause the rust on the chassis wasn't shown in the advertisement, but it was not serious and could be fixed. (the picture below is after i had it disassembled for the rust removal, it was sandblasted and painted)
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the bike was cold before it was started, my dad checked that by casually looking around on the bike and feeling after hot parts. although being cold and running old fuel, it started like it was nothing.
Doing the test ride my dad found out it was only running on one cylinder as he was turning around to tell me this is not a bike worth buying,
before he got back the second cylinder fired up and the max rpm went from around 4600 to 10000+ and the engine was super healthy. so with all the knowledge my dad had gathered from the test ride he talked
him down in price from 9800 DKK (1566 USD) to 5500 DKK (879 USD) so i bought it. We strapped it onto a small trailer and I was a proud owner of a CB400N.
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(later that day i had family and friends over to see the bike, and it started like nothing while cold there too, and my dad felt it was necessary to show how well it ran on one cylinder as well)

as referenced above i disassembled the bike everything but the engine, it stands without rust now, not perfect but good enough for me.
it nice to finally work on my old bike, instead of my dads cbr 900 rr.
after i assembled it again it was time to take it for a spin, that being a camping tour around Denmark. (going to the north, south, east and wast) Denmark not being that big it accounted to around 2200km of experience on the bike.
i have only had one problem with it in the 3½ months it has been on the road, it does not like to have a fuel filter other then the one in the tank. (i believe it is because of the vacuum controlled carburetors)

Right now i am Planning to convert it to a single seater with a custom rear end, in painted fiberglass, i want it to be able to convert it back to stock, so cutting the frame is out of the question, and illegal in Denmark anyway.
on top of that i want to weld up a custom two in one exhaust that leaves through the side of a custom lower cowling, custom rear set and clipons or a flat handlebar. my goal is to make it look like a cafe/streetfighter but sticking to the original design features of the bike.


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Welcome to the forum. Great to see another 400 series here. You may want to locate the original front fender to at least use the front fender brace for stability in the front end.

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i do have the fender it was taken off when it was transported, so that it wouldn't be damaged. It is on the bike again i just didn't take any new pictures. (since it is dirty at the moment and i can´t clean it because it is raining)
all the pictures were taken before the rust was removed, and the parts repainted.
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