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Greetings all!

My name is Nick, I just picked up my first motorcycle a little bit less than a year ago. Its a '72 CL350 (K4). I never really thought about riding much when I was younger, but after living in West Africa for a couple of years and seeing everybody buzz around on 40-50 year old 70cc Yamahas or Honda Super Cubs, my interest was piqued. I've found myself drawn to the UJM style for the simplicity, general reliability, neutral riding position, and plain good looks. So I'm a new rider, and can't claim to be very confident yet when it comes to repairs/maintenance. Also, I'm a renter in Chicago so I don't have a garage or much of a tool collection at this point.

The project for this spring is to install a regulator/rectifier and LED headlight to assist my charging system. I'm sure that's not much trouble to the more experienced here, but I'll be scouring the forum for advice before I start pulling any wires.

Thanks to all for creating a great place for all to discuss our motorcycles, and thanks in advance for your patience when I inevitably ask rather daft questions!


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