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Hey all,

I recently bought my first bike -- a 1982 Honda CM450C -- and have been lurking in the shadows on the forums for restoration inspiration, troubleshooting, and general knowledge. I figured I'd finally join in on the fun.

I love to learn and there's no better way than by getting my hands dirty on a project bike. I've got no real automotive mechanical experience but have been spending a lot of time on the forum, in the factory service manual, in a motorcycle mechanics book, and on YouTube, and I'm having a blast. Will include a photo of the bike here for reference, but I also plan on making a project thread and probably a few other troubleshooting threads to help me break through the specific issues I'm having on the bike.

I just relocated to Los Angeles County from Honolulu, Hawaii and I'm excited to have some real highways to take my bike out on (once it's up and running consistently).

Looking forward to contributing to and learning from the community.


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