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My name is Ian, I live in Seattle. I've been riding since I was 16, and I had a Suzuki GS500 for about 10 years. I sold it when I moved to China for 2 years, and since I've been back in the US (about 5 years), I have been bike-less 馃槶.

Well now I've finally filled the motorcycle-shaped hole in my heart! I just bought a 1982 CM450E from my buddy, it's in great shape, but I definitely want to make some modifications. Nothing too crazy, since this will be my first time restoring/modifying a motorcycle and I'm still on a tight budget (my wife is in the process of getting her green card so I am the only one working). I want to end up with a cafe/brat style, but again I'm not wanting to go too deep as I do not weld and and don't have a garage full of tools and fabrication equipment (yet).

My main, and first, concern is the drum brakes. I rode it with my friend a couple times before buying it, it handles well, the engine is in incredible shape, but the brakes scared me a couple times when making quick stops. I want to swap to disc brakes (at least in the front), any input or advice on that process would be greatly appreciated. I've already done some research on here and it seems like my best best would be swapping the entire front end from a different sub-model of the CM450 (A, C or T). Please let me know if I'm wrong, or if I'm right and you can help me with the process!

From what I've seen so far on this forum, it seems like a great place to learn, with lots of friendly and helpful people with a wealth of knowledge about Honda bikes. Happy to be here and to work on my first project! (picture of the bike below. it's waiting to get painted 'hot rod black', my buddy that I bought it from originally bought it and fixed it up for his gf hence the lovely color 馃槀)

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