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I got the handlebars switched out. The P.O. had spliced in some extensions on the wires to make them long enough for the ape hangers. He kind of hacked them up but I was able to fix them. Had to buy a new clutch cable so that one is black but the P.O. gave me the rest of the original cables with the handlebars.
I fought with the right cylinder fouling its plug, I found the float level to be off. Adjusted it and it ran good for a short time and then fouled that plug again. Took the carb off and the float level was off again !!!!! :ugeek:
I thought, how the hell did that happen ???
And then it hit me, the float was leaking and filling up with gas and sinking. When I was tilting the carb to see where it stopped the extra weight of the gas made it fall farther and compress the spring.
Luckily I have a huge box of junk ( extra parts ) and I found a float that seems to be good. It was raining pretty hard so I have to wait until tomorrow to ride it but I am very confident that it will be good to go now.
I cant believe how cool this thing sounds. It sounds like a flat track bike.
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