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Hi, just joined here and am coming from the MSN CB450 list. I have a few Honda twins. 1969 CB350, 1973 CL350, 1972 CB450 and I am looking at another project CB450 tomorrow that I hope to make a cafe bike out of.
Don Slicker
Amelia Ohio
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Welcome Don. Looks like we are starting to get a pretty good influx from the 450 site that is coming to a close. Again welcome. We are glad your here.

- Woody
Don, ...Welcome!.... I'm sure you'll recognise many members here from the 450 group.... Steve
Welcome Don, good to have you here. Too bad about how msn did the 450DOHC site. We appreciate you (and the others) coming our way. Just pick your times and jump right in. :)

Take care, Bill ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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