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Howdy everyone!
This is Jeff from Tucson, AZ.
It's great to discover this community, as I just restored a 1973 CB450 from a basket case and got it running correctly just yesterday. Where in the world was HondaTwins the whole time I struggled? Of course you all were right here all along. ( I learned a lot the hard way....LoL. ) Next bike is a '73 CL450 roller with motor out already. I"m sure It"ll go much easier with the type of information I see on this forum. Anyways: I'm just another gearhead and motorbike enthusiast having fun learning this stuff. Props to you guys on here giving up all this great advice, etc. 15 minutes of cruising the site, I discovered why my CB was running like crap. POD airfilters!! As soon as I removed them, she was ready to rev up past 5-6K.
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