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New guy from Alberta, Canada

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I'm working on a CB/CL 450 project. Thanks in advance to those of you who will supply the knowledge to help me make it a good one. Here's a pic taken before dis-assembly. It's actually a 71 CB with a 68 CB tank and a CL front end and exhaust system.

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I LOVE the K1 tanks!... It looks fine to me (in the pic)... What changes/whatever are you planning?....(Why are you tearing it down?).... Steve
Hi Steve, I already have it all apart and the frame has been bead blasted and repainted with epoxy paint. I've been collecting parts for a couple of years and now I'm ready to tackle the engine. It's got a valve problem on the left cylinder. I got 2 spare engines with the bike so I already have a head built with new valves. I got a set of 1 mm over pistons and I'm going to send the cylinder out for boring soon. My biggest worry is the cam chain and rollers but I've got some spares so I hope I have enough good parts for 1 engine. One of the mufflers has a rust hole in the back so I'm going to cut out a section and patch it. I'll keep you posted on how it's going and I'm sure I'll have some questions. Do you know anyone who has bought the tensioner and rollers from Capellini? Looks like it would be bullet proof after that but mega bucks.

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Hi John

I'm also a new guy from Alberta, Canada...and I am just about to crack the bottom cases on my K6 which I'm also running a black tank from a K1! Funny, for years I wondered if anyone here in oil country still ran these old bikes. I used to bomb around Victoria with loads of vintage riders but haven't seen more than a few in 5 years in Alberta.

Good luck with your resto...drop me a line and I'll do the same.

Canada EH?

Glad you're here Gary, where in Alberta are you? I have quite a few spare parts, if I can help with anything let me know.
I live in the Edmonton area. The Edmonton Motorcycle show is on this weekend. If you are in this area maybe we could meet up there.
Hi John,

I'm in Calgary. Don't know if I can make it up this weekend...but I'll be in touch about parts as things progress.


is that an X1 hiding in the background?
Welcome aboard from another Canuck... I'm just an Ontarian though.
Welcome. Newfie here, but I'm sure you arleady see too much of us.
Calgarian here too.

This thread is tres old wtf?
Dirtbag said:
Calgarian here too.

This thread is tres old wtf?

i found it because of the rad buell in the background?
Hah! Didn't even see the date on the original post. I guess I made myself look like a tool.
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