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New from Akron OH, '71 CB450

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Hi I'm new and I live in Akron OH. I have a 1971 CB450 which is kinda rough although it spent most of its storage life inside. It has 1300 original miles. So I'm going through it and doing enough resto to ride this season that is concerned more mechanically than aesthetically. I have found this site (finally!) and it is good! I would like to thank everyone who is so forthcoming with help and information.


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Mmmmm, just had a half pounder + a couple days ago! No more hamburger station though :( I love VMD Went there last year cant wait to go again. Been there a few times actually. The swap meet is heaven! I'm doing pretty well on ebay so far but the more I do the more I need! So I'll see what I need and let you know. Thanks for the warm welcome. I like it when people make me feel ignorant about motorcycles; means I'm learning something ;) ... hopefully.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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