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I’m actaully a triumph kinda guy. But a couple of years ago I bought a 1971 350 SL. It was a sad little beast and needed a lot of love and attention. So I rebuilt it. But ever since I’ve owned it I’ve had terrible problems with the carburation. It had a couple of local carbs on it to start with and ran like a a pig. I bought a pair of mikunis and it ran even worse. eventually, I got hold of an original pair of carbs for a 71 sl...finally it ran really well. always it was a pig to start, but only when it was cold.
The other day the left hand carb started to overflow...badly. On inspection the float was leaking...I order 2 new floats but in the meantime, I resoldered the leaking float and it was fine. Still a pig to start.
Anyway, last weekend the new floats turned up so I popped them into the carbs. The levels were perfect so no need to adjust. Now, here’s the weirdest now starts first kick! Evrytime even when it’s been sitting around for a few days. How strange is that?


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