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Greetings twins fans! My name is Jeremy and I am on the Honda SOHC4 forums. I shared my scrambler project there but wanted to start a profile here, since there's a ton of good info here.
Recently I bought a pile of a scrambler.

It's a CB350 frame with a K4 scrambler engine. I also got a rear wheel assembly in good condition and a good set of forks. I need, quite literally, everything else! This project probably won't begin until fall, since I have plans for the summer. I already have a CB500/4 to ride, so this scrambler can come together slowly as funds and time allow.
After much consideration, many hours of parts site browsing, and pictures, I think I have settled on what to do with the bike. I am going to build a scrambler, but not quite stock. I am using the 60s style Japanese scramblers, and British bikes like the Triumph Trophy as inspiration. Here are some ideas I have so far.

-Solo seat, but not a tractor seat. Something like a modern Enfield Woodsman
-Luggage rack over rear fender, like 50s style bikes with a solo seat
-Scrambler exhaust, original or otherwise
-Lower handlebars, maybe euro bars
-60s style paint scheme. Not settled on this yet, but I think I'll paint the fenders either the body color or gray, like a cb77. The tank will be 2-tone, and I may paint the frame gray or body color as well.
-no side covers, slim down electronics with an aftermarket regulator/rectifier
-build a metal box next to the battery box, for tools
-gnarly rear tire, like what I've got now only not dry rotted
-plain fork ears, without the reflectors, but I'd like to keep the gaitors
-smaller signal lights, maybe bullet style.
-different tail light. Originally I was thinking about that "Lucas" style, but I think the early XS650s are neat, so maybe something like that
-Starter delete (unless it works fine in which case I'll probably just keep it)
-Maybe aftermaket tach and speedo, like those mini gauges you see sometimes.
-Depending on what gauges I get, I might put the idiot lights in the headlight shell, or make a little dash plate for them. Either way, I am going to move the ignition key up to the handlebar
-I may try to reproduce the wiring harness, or at least weed out the stuff I don't need and rewrap it.

Those are some ideas so far. Of course, I haven't even started the project yet so these are all subject to change.
I don't know what the engine will need to run, but the guy who sold it to me kicked it over in his yard and it's free and sounds like it's got compression. I have to obtain a kick starter so I can run a compression test. In a way, I'd like to rebuild the top end anyway. I've never done anything like that and these engines look like a good one to learn on.
This is going to be fun because I need most every part, meaning pretty much everything has to be decided on as I go. So it's really going to be personalized!

Here are a couple of questions about my ideas, which will help me build a parts list.
-First off, Exhaust. Is there any interchangeability between models? Will CL360 pipes fit, or anything similar? I've been thinking about building an exhaust from those pre-made mandrel bends, but I don't really have the knowledge or tools to do it. I don't care about originality in this case, so if all I can find is headers, I'll put some of those short aftermarket mufflers on.

-Carbs. I have been watching Ebay and carbs can be pretty expen$sive, and because they're old, I could end up buying more than one set to make a good set. And you never know if the diaphragms are going to be good or not, and those cost $100!! So I am seriously considering getting one of those Mikuni kits you see, with two carbs, filters, and throttle cables. My thinking here is, for the money, I might be better off doing that.

-Tires. If I put a dual sport tire on the back, like what's on there now, can I use something like a Dunlop K70 on the front? Or will that give me weird handling issues? I don't absolutely need gnarly treads on the back, but the look so cool and the bike will be used on lots of dirt roads.

-Controls. Sometimes I see original handlebar switches on Ebay for reasonable cost. But, if I can't find them when I'm ready for them, what about XS650 controls? Mikes XS has reproductions that look similar, and a couple say "dual throttle cable." Would these fit a Honda throttle tube?

-Gauges. I have yet to find a definitive answer on speedometer and tach ratios. Cycle recycle claims that small Hondas use 1:2 for the speedo and 1:7 for the tach. The FAQs on SOHC4 say the 350 uses 2240:60 for the speedo and 20:3 for the tach. BUT, that may be only for the 350F. Does anyone know what ratio I need for a CL350? Is the speedo ratio different from the CB350 because of the bigger wheel size (3.00-19 rather than 18)?

-Levers. How universal are the kick start, shifter, and brake pedals on these? Honda part numbers seem to be pretty specific, like a certain kick starter only fits a couple of years. But I am wondering if the differences are minor enough so that various models will fit.

Well, that was a lot. If you got through it all, thanks for looking! This project won't really take off for a while, but I have been thinking and planning quite bit. I will definitely share my progress here!

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i don't have the answers to any of those questions but i'm interested to find out what your going to do. I plan to do the same to by CL350 hopefully sometime soon
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