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Hey all,

I'm from Toronto ON and I am the new owner of a 1968 CB450 K1. She's currently mostly stock and I'm going to keep her that way until the end of the season. I was thinking of taking her apart in the winter and restoring her. She runs well... a slight tinny/rattling sound, but nothing a tune up can't fix, and also a slight problem gearing down, I can't feel it engage into the lower gears (not sure which gear exactly), embarrassing sometimes at a stop light when I get move.

About myself; I am 30, I love snowboarding been doing it for 10 years, just a bit of a sneaker freak (I have 55+ pairs of sneakers, I'm trying to cut down).

How I decided to get this bike; I originally opted for a newer model Suzuki GS500E because I really liked that naked look, then as I was looking and calling around for prices, I accidentally ran into a picture of the CB450 K0 Black Bomber and it was love at first sight! I couldn't believe how gorgeous that bike looked. I turned down any callback for the GS500 and started my search for a CB450. Then I discovered the world of cafe racers and now I'm a changed man.

I hope that the experts on this site can help me with my journey.


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Wecome aboard good sir. If 450cc Hondas are your flavour, your in very good hands. We have arguably the most qualified 450 gurus on the net. Heck, 450s get there own section! Good luck with it bro :D
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