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Anyone of you Orlando-area folks got any recommendations?

I'm resurrecting an older Hodaka 250 dual-sport. 250cc 2-stroke. I needs a +.040" overbore. Several trustworthy Hodaka builders I could ship the parts to, but would rather find someone local to save the shipping $$.

Any recommendations?



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I know this post is old, but i Googled "Orlando Cylinder Boring" and it showed up first in the results so i figured it would be relevant to someone who ran across this.

There is a shop that has been around forever (30+ years) called Precision Cycle. They used to do my dads cylinder boring when i was a kid. They do all kinds of stuff other than just bikes and Don (owner) is a straight shooter and a super nice guy. I have used them on quit a few of my projects and they have never steered me wrong. They do honing, port chamfering, head milling, welding, and a bunch of other stuff.

Anyways... hope this helps.

Here is the website:
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