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need help with mikuni 32vm carbs on my cl350!!

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Hello, I bought 2 mikuni 32vm carbs for my scrambler and I'm having a hell of a time getting the bike to run OK.
I bought the kit pre-jetted for the cl so I don't think the jetting is wrong.
Does anyone have any advice on getting this setup running decently?
As it is, the bike idles OK, but stalls immediately when I give it any gas at all.
I've scoured the net looking for any info about beginner installation of these carbs and I can't find any info...


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Todd, does your bike start OK. You say it idles OK, but dies when the throttle is advanced.
See if you can find what jets & needles are installed in the "pre-jetted" kit.
We gotta know where we are starting from.
Here's a recommendation from this webpage:
Honda CB350 racing Mikuni VM32 Main:200 Pilot:30 Needle jet:p8 Needle:6F5 Air jet:2.0 Slide:2.5

A road machine will require more conservative main jet and needle jet.
Also, check this page:

I suspect a 200 main to be way to big. Notice one guy on the caferacer forum is running 130's.
No intake leaks? Fer sure?
I've spent considerable time tuning the Suzuki T500 Mikunis on my 450. Few more things to iron out.....
Nate in PDX
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Good to hear from a fellow P-towner. At least it's not spittin' snow today!!!!
After checking several webpages, looks like the VM32 may come with a 6F5 needle. I been dorkin' out on needle charts lately and looked at the 6F5 needle. Looks like it dumps a whole bunch fuel in just after the needle starts to rise out of the needle jet. This could be your problem....assuming the carbs have 6F5 needles. and assuming everything else is hunky-dory on your machine. I'm running 6DH7's right now and want to try the 6DH3. Looks like a shallower transition from idle to 1/2 throttle.
Blah blah blah
Nate in PDX
[attachment=0:24rcjpdn]Mikuni needles.JPG[/attachment:24rcjpdn]


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