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Need Help!! Engine won't completly turn over

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Hi Everyone,

I need some help before I jump off a bridge. I have a 69 CB350 and I just installed a new stock cam. After following the Honda manual step by step for installation, valve clearence, cam timing, ignition timing, etc. I installed the motor hooked everything up and kicked it over, Presto! shes alive. It ran on and off for about 5 min while I was doing some carb adjustments. I noticed that the left side exhaust pipe didn't have as much compression but thought I'd address it later.

After the motor stopped I went to kick it over and was unable to push the kickstarter at all. Pulled in the clutch and rotated just fine, made sure I was in nuetral, and adjusted the clutch again per the manual just in case.

Pushed it back into the garage and took off the alternator cover to see if I could manually rotate the motor. Started at TDC and was able to smoothly rotate 360 degrees. As I approached LT it becomes very resistant and stops.

Need some suggestions
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Did you adjust the tension on the timing chain? If not it may have jumped a tooth. At any rate it sounds like the a piston has interfered with a valve.
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