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Hello everyone, Ive been riding motorcycles for a few years now, owned a few r6 and currently own a naked suzuki katana 650, but just recently purchased a cb360 cafe racer (always wanted to build one from ground up, but as a student, I dont have much time). I bought it at an auction with "mechanical damage" (I think someone wanted an insurance payout). Bought it because I love how it looks, previous owner spent a lot of time and money on it.

first impressions:
I can tell it might have been down on the right side, the engine fins are bent and the plug is kinda broken (inside there's corrosion) (ordered new one)
spark plugs look good, but ordered new ones just because theyre cheap.
Oil filter broke, all the gas leaked out, except reserve was still there.
I think oil filter broke because fuel lines were short, and put extra pressure on the L joint (will buy new, longer fuel lines)

As I was attempting to kick start, I noticed I have a starter, but no switch or button. Can anyone help me figure out whats going on?
I was thinking maybe it starts with turning the key, because first position does nothing, second position turns on lights, and third position keeps the lights on but I just hear a click.
So maybe my starter is bad? I will check that next week I guess.

I'll leave you guys with pics. Will update after I change spark plugs, plug boots, fuel lines.

Please leave any advice/suggestions, comments, etc! (Stoked for this project!!)

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That is a cool looking ride. The previous did a lot of shuffling around to clear the area where the filters are now. Looks like everythings there for the starter to work, minus the battery, unless it is very well hidden. A lot of people want to make them kickstart only because its cool and nostalgic, so he just bypassed the battery probably. Have you ran it?

Also looks like you meant fuel filter, not oil filter. Oil filters on these are inside the right side case. Those are aftermarket cheap filters, empty and clean tank, swap new filters and good to go. Carbs are probably funky judging by the look of that fuel though.
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