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My Intro

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I'm Jason. I am 25, and I live near Flint, Michigan. I have been married for almost 3 years to my lovely wife, who was my high school sweetheart.

I used to be into hot rods and cars and stuff, but .. they're so costly and take up too much room.

My wife and I decided a couple bikes would be a lot easier to deal with. I went to China for work and saw a bunch of small twin bikes, and came back looking for a Honda twin.

I found a barn fresh 1972 CL350 with 8k on the clock.

I bought it in Feb of 2008. I've been breaking (a lot) things and riding it (very little) ever since. I was amazed how that little bike could have such a following. I guess all those honda ads were right, you meet the nicest people on a honda.

Since then, i've rebuilt almost the entire 350 except for major internal motor parts. I do all my own work.

I bought a CB500 in August of this year, and hope to have that going next year. Then the 350 will get a full restore, and the 500 will get a cafe job maybe?

Also, I am a Senior Controls Engineer, and love anything that moves, automation, robots, and engines. The company I work for builds automated test machines for OEM automotive, over the road trucking, and government applications. It's a gas.

So, introduce yourselves as well!
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Pretty decent intro Jason. ;) I'm gonna have to go back and redo mine. I wasn't very informative. You should have done yours 1st, so we would have a good pattern to follow. Hope you don't mind if I redo mine, not trying to compete you know, just gives a better look at who we are.
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